Being Hurt Sucks

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Last Monday I dislocated my right shoulder in an attempt to snatch 205 lbs.  It was probably the most painful experience of my life! Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I was ramping up for a two rep max that was going to be followed by a 15 minute EMOM of 2 snatches at 70% of my two rep max.  I warmed my way up and I easily hit 185 for two reps.  It almost seemed too easy! So in typical egotistical fashion I decided now was a good time to try and best my 1 rep max of 200 lbs. So I loaded my bar up with 20 more lbs and made a joke to my friend Kelley to be amazed at what he was about to see.  Well amazed I’m sure he was, and not the way I was hoping. The weight went up easy enough, it was the catch that didn’t go according to plan. As I came under the bar, I didn’t have my elbow fully locked out and then I heard, or felt, two pops. I instantly hit the deck and yelled a loud explicative. Now as a gym owner my mind started to race and a million thoughts ran through my mind. “I cant be hurt.” “I don’t want my members freaking out, and not wanting to train because they are afraid of getting hurt.” “I have an Olympic Lifting Cert this weekend that I just paid $600 for.” “The open is in less than a month!” All of these things went though my head as I laid there. I tried to convince myself I was ok, so I stood up, and for a minute there I thought I actually was OK. Then the pain set in. OMG the pain! It was unreal. Im a big guy, 6’1, 225 lbs, so Im sure it was interesting to see me basically go into shock.  I was super pasty white and shaky, and sweating profusely. Luckily Kelleys wife is an ER nurse and she had seen this type of thing before. She wouldn’t leave my side.  She told be shed seen guys bigger than me cry, vomit and even faint from dislocating their shoulder.  As I sat there in a hunched position, I just kept telling myself to NOT cry, NOT vomit, or NOT faint.  Priorities.  Now I was off to the ER. 

I swear I’m not crying, I think…


Luckily the ER wasn’t busy and I was able to get in right away. I was almost embarrassed to tell the nurses how I hurt myself, and I didn’t want them to say that I was just another dumb injured CrossFitter. I love CrossFit and I know when done properly it is safe.  They gave me an IV and some Dilodin to help with the pain. Ive never really taken pain meds, so it was an interesting experience to say the least.  I was pretty doped up, and feeling pretty good. Apparently I kept talking about wanting to get a cheeseburger. The pain didn’t stay away long, after about 30 minutes it was back, then they had to bring me in for X-Rays. That was fun… Once they verified that it was a dislocation, they basically had to put me out and pop it back in. They gave me something called “Milk of Amnesia”  so basically i was awake, but didn’t remember them pulling my arm down then shoving it back in. I just know I was talking about cheeseburgers, then the next thing I know my arm is in a sling.  Oh and feeling WAY better. 

I think the biggest lesson I learned in all of this, and the problem that led to this happening is that I didn’t respect the weight at which I was attempting to put over my head.  I guess when you own a gym and you work out 3,4 or 5 times a day you can start to take things for granted. Had I been a little more serious, and really concentrated on what I was doing, then I probably would have got that lift no problem. I probably could have got more! But instead, I was a jack ass and half attempted to do something that needs nothing but full attention, and full respect.  For us CrossFitters, and especially us that coach CrossFit it is important that we respect what we are doing, and make sure that we are doing them correctly. As an owner and a coach I failed at that. Now instead of trying to make a run at making regionals, I get to sit around and observe as I rehab my shoulder back to health.  One thing I have always taken pride is that we haven’t had any serious injuries.  We take pride in making sure that our members are doing things correctly at weights that they are capable of doing.  And for having 110 members, I’d say thats pretty damn good.  I just had to learn the hard way, and hopefully my members can use me as an example that this is a sport and if your not careful, you can really hurt yourself!

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