25 Kick Ass Things Every CrossFitter Should Have in Their Bag

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Since I’m lucky enough to own a CrossFit gym I get to do A LOT of CrossFit. I also get to have an addiction to buying A LOT of CrossFit stuff. Because I have a lot of time to try stuff out, I know what works, and what doesn’t.  These are the things that I tend to use all of the time, so of course you should too! Of course…


1. Start with a Good Bag – I use a King Kong Bag. It has a ton of room and lots of pockets to keep all of the other necessary stuff that us CrossFitters need in our lives. It’s little pricey, but it is really well made, so its worth it! Plus King Kong was a bad ass, so there’s that.


2. Nano’s – These are the official CrossFit shoe, so they are designed to work for every aspect of what we do. But honestly any flat shoe will work for CrossFit. Before I became a Reebok reseller I did most of my CrossFit in Chuck Taylor’s. Just try and avoid lifting in running shoes…or boots…or high heels.

3. Oly Shoes – Not really a necessity, but they do make a big difference when you are doing Olympic Lifts. They are really flat and stiff, so they seem to give you that extra pop off of the platform. Plus they look cool, and at the end of the day, thats all that really matters. Right??


4. Sports Tape – Who likes hand tears? Not me. And I know you are all using the hook grip on those snatches and cleans right?? Tape is a great way to help prevent, or conceal torn hands, and give you some extra grip. Especially on the thumbs, for those hook grips.


5. Weight Belt – I like to wear mine when I’m squatting or Deadlifting heavy, well pretty much when I’m doing anything heavy, like walking around after eating Pizza… Nothing wrong with a little extra support!

6. Voodoo Floss Bands – I don’t know how these work, but they do. Have nagging injury, wrap it up tight with these things and after a few minutes take it off and watch the pain go away. Magic! Maybe thats why they call them Voodoo bands?? Or maybe its the compression. I’m going with Magic!

7. Knee Braces – For whatever reason I feel like I can squat more when I wear these. Plus they feel more secure, which doesn’t hurt.


8. The Stick – A great mobility tool that you can use to grind out those sore IT bands, and quads, and hammies.


9. Sanuks – After hard workout these are the best to slip on! So comfy!


10. Gymnastic Wraps – Along the lines of tape, these help to keep a good grip on the bar and help prevent tears. I prefer the cloth type, some like the leather type. They are losers, just kidding.


11. Almond Butter – Its just so good! Easy energy, and Mmmmmm FAT!


12. Nail Clippers – Helps to clip off any loose or torn skin that might be hanging off. Yummm. Plus you should always have well manicured nails.


13. Bands – Use these to assist with stretching and mobility! Or snapping unsuspecting friends…Ok maybe not that.


14. CrossFixe MUSCLE Paste – Pain relief for those swole muscles yo! I used to say Icy Hot, but this stuff kicks its ass, and its all natural so whats not better about that??


15. Speed Rope – I like the RPM rope, but whatever you like, its always good to have your own jump rope cut for your exact height. Best way to get those double unders!


16. Strength Wraps – Or wrist wraps. Its just a little more wrist support for those heavy overhead lifts.


17. Running Shoes – I love my Nano’s, but my feet don’t love running long distances in them. You never know when your coach is going to throw a 5K in there!


18. Lacrosse Ball – Another great mobility tool to mash out those sore muscles. And My dog can’t destroy them so thats a bonus!


19. Protein Bro – You should technically try and consume some protein within 15 minutes of working out, so keep some handy to drink right after your’e done! I use About Time Products, they are all natural and taste awesome! Oh you can save 25% If you use KETTLEBEARD at checkout!


20. Long Socks – Uhhh Box Jumps, and Rope Climbs…Need I say more?


21. Workout Journal – Keeping track of your progress is always a good thing. We use WODify at the gym, which does a great job of tracking, but I still keep a journal. Just feels so old school!


22. Deodorant/Body Spray - No one likes to work out next to someone who stinks. Do everyone a favor and slap on some deodorant. Your armpits shouldn’t smell like onions.


23. Perchmount - You aren’t always going to have a workout partner around so the Perchmount is an awesome way to be able to take video of yourself for critiquing later. Also, c’mon, we all know you like taking selfies!

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 5.54.46 AM


24. Hand Repair Lotion – I’ve used Winnies RipFix as well as CrossFixe. They are both excellent choices and will both help your hands heal way faster after tears.

25. MobilityWOD SuperNova – By far my favorite mobility tool! I take it everywhere with me, and you can read my review about it Here!

Super Nova!

Super Nova!

Well thats pretty much everything that I keep in my bag.  Let me know if there are things that you have in yours that I should have in mine. I think I can fit a few more things in there ;)

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