9 Rules Every CrossFit Coach Wants Their Members to Follow

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1. Don’t Cheat

I put this one first because this is the one that most other members complain about. I get more texts throughout the day about cheaters than I can count. No one cares what your score was, everyone cares if you cheated. Don’t get the reputation of the guy, or girl that no one takes seriously. One, we all know you cheat, and two, it’s hard to pretend to not know that you cheated when we high five you after you “destroyed” that WOD. We really want to high five your face!

2. Be Early

As a gym owner and a coach nothing is more annoying than people who are chronically late. We start at certain times for a reason. If you come in late, you disrupt the flow of the class, and you miss the warmup, which is hugely important. I understand things happen, and once in a while you are a few minutes late, but there are some that are late almost every time, and those are the ones I want to throw a kettlebell at…ok well maybe not that….but don’t be late!

3. Check Your Ego at the Door

I know we all want to Rx, and we all want that PR, but technique trumps strength any day of the week. I would rather have my athletes move more efficiently, with good technique, at a lighter weight than huff and puff with crappy form doing Rx. When I first started CrossFit I just wanted to PR and Rx all the time, and sure I could, but I looked like ass doing it. Don’t look like an ass. Know your limits. Technique and safety first

4. Clean Up After Yourself

When we WOD we can use a whole bunch of equipment. We might have a box, a kettlebell, a bar, a slam ball, a wall ball. Who knows! Don’t leave all that crap out to be in the way of the next class. Put your weights, and bar away. Wipe up your sweat, and blood even. We aren’t your Nannies, we are your coaches.


5. Chalk Stays in the Chalk Bucket

You are not Lebron. You are not in the NBA. There are no ball boys to wipe up after you. No chalk clouds please. No white stuff on the floor, we use little white boards to keep track of reps, not chalk tallies like you’re in some prison counting down the years.

6. Respect Our Equipment

Yes bumper plates are meant to be dropped, but please drop as a last resort. I don’t know how many 10lb bumper plates I’ve had to toss due to them being thrown down and the ring popping out of the middle. And nothing makes an owner cringe more than the sound of someone throwing a plateless Oly Bar on the ground. Don’t do that!!


7. Try Your Best

When you come in to the gym, give it your all, you’ll feel better about yourself, and earn people’s respect. People love seeing someone put it all out there. Even if you’re the last one done, keep pushing. You’ll have people there to cheer you on.

8. Go Heavy

It’s the only way to get stronger. Our bodies are amazing machines that learn how to adapt. That’s one of the awesome things about CrossFit, it’s constantly changing. But there comes a point in every CrossFitters life that they hit that plateau, and that’s when they need to start adding some weight, and incorporate a little more strength training.

9. Be Consistent

Your only going to get results if you keep coming. We want you here. We want you getting better. You pay good money to get good coaching, use it! This isn’t the globo that takes your money and doesn’t give a damn if you come or not. If you don’t come in, I’m gonna call you and give you shit about it. You need this stuff!

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