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I love my King Kong Bag. I’ve had it for a while now, but since I started this blog I thought I’d write a review of it. Before I bought my King Kong Bag I probably went through 3 different bags that just didn’t cut it. Either they didn’t have enough room, or worse they were cheaply made and they would fall apart. Obviously it is a little bit more expensive than other bags, but after I decided to take the plunge I immediately knew it was worth it once it finally came in.


High Quality Zippers!

The bag is the perfect size. It’s not as long, but it’s a little wider than most other bags that I have used in the past. It is made out of a thick canvas that feels strong and the seams are nicely sewn together so you don’t have to worry about them splitting. The Zippers are thick and sturdy so that’s another thing you don’t have to worry about. The straps are harnessed to the bad with metal clips instead of cheap plastic so they won’t break after repeatedly being picked up and set down. All in all it is a really solidly put together bag.


There are multiple pockets and compartments to put your gear in which is awesome. I hate having to dig though my bag looking for certain things, so since it has so many pockets I can designate them for items that I use often, such as my gymnastic wraps, or my jump rope. The outside compartment on one side has a mesh pocket with a zipper and plenty of room for other necessities. On the other side there are two shoe compartments that easily fit 3 pairs of my big ass size 12 shoes. The nice thing about the compartments are that they are sealed so you don’t have to worry if your shoes stink. Of course mine smell like roses so I don’t have that issue.

Shoe Compartments




Side Compartment


If you read my post about all the crap I keep in my bag, then you know that this thing can hold A LOT! I have more gear than I ever though that I needed to have, and keep adding stuff, but there is ample room for it. Whatever you think you need to put in your bag, the King Kong Bag has room for it. I also use it as a travel bag if I’m ever going on vacation. It’s the perfect suitcase.

Look at all that stuff that fits!


Can never have enough gear!


I have no hesitation to tell you to buy one of these bags right now. Us CrossFitters use a lot of tools, and given the amount of garbage gym bags out there, I’m confident that spending the extra cash on the King King Bag is money well spent. The bag comes in multiple colors, I chose the black, but I have my eye on the red! Hurry and get yours here:
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