10 Common Mistakes CrossFitters Make

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Trying to Rx too soon

This is probably one of the biggest issues I see in CrossFit. People really want to be able to Rx. While it is a great goal to be able to Rx, doing it at the risk of bad form, and an overall less intense workout just isn’t worth it. If you are doing the Rx weight, but have shitty form, your reps probably don’t really count anyway. Let go of your ego, listen to your coaches, and work on full rang of motion. Don’t be that guy that half reps Rx that none of us take seriously. Plus you don’t want to go to a competition and get no-repped, that just sucks.

Trying advanced moves too soon

Yes butterfly pull-ups look awesome! Yes they are faster, but if you can’t do a strict pull-up, or you can’t get a kipping pull-up, quit trying to do butterfly pull-ups! Seriously, you look like you’re having a seizure on the bar, or humping the air. This goes back to making sure you are getting full range of motion. Take your time, learn the proper technique, and you’ll be ripping those butterflies before you know it!

Not warming up properly

Nothing his more annoying than someone rushing through the door 10 minutes late. Not only does it disrupt the class, you also miss the warm up. When you don’t warm up, your muscles are stiff, and tight. This effects your range of motion, and your flexibility. When we are tight, and stiff we increase the risk of injury. When we get injured we can’t workout. When we can’t workout we get fat. So, unless you want to get fat, don’t skip the warmup.

Not pushing hard enough

You should feel like this after your WOD

If you took the time to come to the gym to work out, at least do yourself a favor and get a good workout. The only way you are going to get more fit is by upping the intensity. Sure, for a little while you can come in, cruise through workouts, and make some decent gains, but eventually your body is going to figure out what you’re up too and adapt. Don’t let that happen. Push yourself every time, try and beat other people. Find a reason to want to go harder. This is CrossFit after all, and it is competitive. Not only against other people, but yourself as well.

Not eating enough

This is NOT how to lose weight!

This is more of an issue with the ladies than the guys, but there are even some guys that fall under this category. A lot of people come in with a goal of losing weight. Ok, thats an admirable goal, but starving yourself is not the way of doing it. When you don’t eat enough your body goes into starvation mode, and then it holds on to fat! Plus you wont have enough energy to kick ass at WODs. You really need to figure out your macros so you know how much protein, fat, and carbs you are getting. Yes I said carbs, you need those too!

Not enough mobility

We work on mobility at the gym often, but it’s your responsibility to do it more often. If you aren’t flexible enough to get into the proper positions of a lot of the moves that we do, then you need to be working on mobility. There’s no reason why you can’t foam roll, or stretch while you’re watching TV. Get limber!! Also read this:

Not enough rest

In order for our bodies to recover they need rest. As they say rest is as important as work. If you don’t get enough rest, your overall performance is going to suffer, and you won’t see the gains that you want to see. Plus sleep is awesome, and so are naps! Take a day off once in a while, or make it an active recovery day. Also it’s important to do a deload week, where you go easy, every five weeks or so. This keeps you fresh, and motivated.

Focusing on strengths

We all have stuff that we are good at, so it’s a natural tendency to want to keep working on those things. Plus if your good at stuff then you look cool doing it, and everyone likes to look cool. Unfortunately if you only focus on strengths, you look like a terd when you have to do one if your weaknesses. Which leads to the next point.

Ignoring weaknesses

If you never practice what you suck at, you will never get better at it. I’m really bad at this myself. No one likes to do what they suck at, but unfortunately in CrossFit we do a lot of everything, even shit you suck at. So practice those things. Maybe you’ll never be the best at them, but at least you’ll be respectable at them. This in turn will make you a better all around CrossFitter, which should be everyone’s life ambition!

Not competing

A lot of CrossFitters don’t want to compete for fear that they aren’t ready, or that they simply are not good enough to compete. The truth is, almost every competition has a scaled and Rx divisions to compete in. In the scaled division there will be CrossFitters of all different levels, all just having a great time competing. I have yet to see anyone that has regretted doing. Competitions are a great way to keep motivated and also see where gauge where you are at. Plus it’s always fun to kick peoples asses!

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