CrossFit Bathroom Etiquette

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I know this isn’t a CrossFit related post exactly, but this is an issue for us at our gym, so I’m just going to assume it’s an issue at your gym, or box, or whatever you call your POC (That’s Place of CrossFit, I totally just made that up). Anyhow, here’s a quick list of bathroom etiquette that everyone should follow, not just for other members, but also for us poor owners that have to clean up after your dirty asses!


And flush often. There is absolutely no need to let your poop marinate while you sit there! Flush that terd and spare the air! The faster it goes away the better for everyone. Also I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked in on unflushed toilets. Who does that?? This isn’t kindergarten.


Please do us all a favor…

No one needs, or wants to smell what you had for dinner last night, or lunch earlier. Do us all a favor and spray a little, or a lot, if you had tacos last night. At least try and cover your tracks! Which leads me to…

Clean up after yourself

Erase your tracks!

This is the one that baffles me even more than the forgetting to flush at all. At least not flushing is just an act of forgetfulness, but I will never understand how someone can take a dump and leave behind a bowl full of bacon strips. Everyone poops, I get that! But have some self respect, and don’t give everyone a visual of what just exited your body! It takes 5 seconds to use the brush and reflush.

It’s a bathroom, not a dressing Room

This is more of an inconvenience for everyone else, but if you have time to get to the gym early enough to change, you have time to change at work before you get here. Unfortunately we only have one bathroom at the gym, so when you get all dolled up in the bathroom, and let’s not pretend that CrossFitters don’t have an arsenal of shit to put on, you hog up the bathroom for everyone else that needs to use it. Get in and get out!

Only flush what comes out of you, and TP

Please refrain from flushing anything besides the above down the toilet. Anything else may cause the toilet to overflow, and when the toilet overflows you know who cleans that shit up? Me! Also it’s not fair to the person it happens to , it’s embarrassing when the toilet overflows, be considerate of other people!

Wash your hands

We all share equipment, we don’t need to share germs. Before you put your dirty mits on the equipment, scrub off whatever contamination might be on there. Plus it’s gross if you don’t, don’t be gross.

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