Winnie’s RipFix Review

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 Winnie’s RipFix Review

As CrossFitters we definitely put a lot of wear and tear on our hands. Between all of the snatches, kettlebell swings, pullips, and anything else Theron at us, our hands take a huge beating. One thing that we have all experienced is hand tears! While we can do a lot to help prevent them, sometimes tears are inevitable. 

I’ve been using Winnie’s RipFix for about a week now and I can honestly say there’s been a big difference in how my hands look and feel! Although I didn’t tear my hands while I’ve been using it, I did have the normal nasty calloused hands that us CrossFitters share! Seriously, our hands feel like they are coated in sandpaper. Although I don’t mind this, others don’t enjoy the feeling of sharp jagged skin touching their bodies. Since I’ve been using it, along with the pumice stone they provided, my hands feel way softer, wile still maintaining the callouses needed to prevent hand tears. If you are prone to hand tears or just want a way to keep your hands feeling a little softer, I would definitely recommend rip fix!

Big improvement after a few days!

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