Quick Thoughts on the Open So Far

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So after they announced 14.2 yesterday I have to admit that I have been a little surprised/disappointed in the two WODs they have chosen to start the Open this year. Instead of fist pumping, which I do all of the time BTW, I was more like WTF!? Well to be totally honest, I’m a little selfish, and since I effed up my right shoulder, I’m always secretly hoping the WODs have only left-handed and lower body movements in them so I can even do them, but hey, whatever. The Open is supposed to be exactly that, Open, for everyone, but the first two workouts have not been. 14.1 and 14.2 both have movements that a large amount of new, and even veteran CrossFitters can’t even do, Double Unders, and Chest to Bar Pull-ups. We encouraged all of our members to sign up for the CrossFit Games Open, so it’s frustrating to see their reactions of disappointment, rather than excitement when they have announced the first two workouts. I think last years open was an excellent mix of movements allowing even beginning athletes to accomplish some, if not all of the workouts. Sure, they may have not got a ton of reps, but at least they could put a score on the board. I had a few members have to post zeros for 14.1 because they couldn’t even complete one double under. Maybe I’m just up to early and the coffee hasn’t kicked in so I’m grumpy, but I want more athletes to sign up for the Open next year, not less because they are scared they won’t be able to do it. Well enough about that! If you are doing 14.2, have fun with it and kick its ass! If you can’t do some of the movements, try not to get frustrated and just keep practicing, you,ll get there eventually, and when you do, its gonna be awesome!!

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