The CrossFit Cult…I mean Community is Amazing!

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Normally Friday nights at the gym are slow. So slow in fact, I’ve considered getting rid of the later classes because half of the time, one, or two people show up. Sometimes no one shows up at all :,-(. Plus, who doesn’t like Friday nights off? Contrary to popular belief, I do have a life outside of the gym. Anyway…So we announce that we are having “Open Beer Night” on Friday nights for the remaining Open WODs and magically, the gym fills with people! Now maybe it was because we were having beer, but I have to believe it was because everyone knew they could come and support their fellow CrossFitters doing the Open WOD. The turnout was awesome! And even better, the support that everyone showed for the people that where competing in the open has been fantastic!

Look how cultish and magical we are!

I’ve played a lot of sports, and they all come with community, but CrossFit has been the only community where we are all going through the same thing together, we all understand what each other person struggles are. When I used to fight, there was so much support , even admiration for it. The community behind it was totally rad too, but no one in the crowd, except for a very small few, understood what it was that you where going through. The ups, and downs, the physical, and emotional toll it takes on you. That’s something a small amount of people will ever get. There would even be assholes in the crowd that would boo fighters, which is totally absurd, because one, they don’t understand what is going on, and two, their bitch asses would never get in the cage in the first place. With CrossFit, no one would ever boo, or even look down upon another CrossFitter, because we can all respect what that person is doing. That’s what’s so cool about CrossFit! Anyone can do it, and no matter what level you are on, it’s hard work! You may see two CrossFitters laying on the ground after a workout, breathing heavily, pouring sweat, and have no idea that one of them has been CrossFitting for two years, and did Rx, and the other one just started CrossFit two weeks ago and did a scaled version of the workout. But no matter what version of the workout they did, everyone there will walk up to them, high five (or fist bump) them, and congratulate them on a job well done.
There is still a lot of hate for CrossFit in the world. In fact, I had my first twitter hater recently. His name is Vinny, oh sorry, his name is Vin! Vin’s twitter profile pic is of him in jeans, and a wife beater, taking a selfie, while flexing, by himself at a Globo Gym. Vin is such a badass. Anyway, here was Vins three tweets to me summed up:
Tweet 1: You suck
Tweet 2: Im glad you got hurt, you hurt your shoulder because you CrossFit
Tweet 3: You are a Sheep, CrossFit is a cult, You might as well join #Scientology

Yo! Vin!

Yo! Vin!

Now I had to help Vin with a few of his grammatical errors (yes I know I make a lot myself, hey I write a lot of this shit on my iPhone), but Vin has a point! CrossFit is almost cult like. Almost! Shit, if they did CrossFit at Scientology Mass, or whatever they call it, I might join! Ok, not really. But its because we have such an awesome community, and that we all support each other that other people feel we are cult like. There are lots of Vins out there that don’t understand what it is that we have. And as long as they remain ignorant, they never will! But thats cool, we will continue to grow more awesome together, while the Vins of the world can keep taking those badass selfies, by themselves, in their Globo gyms.

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