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So the guys over at King Kong Apparel where nice enough to send me one of their backpacks to review. I’ve been needing a new backpack, so it was perfect timing. As I wrote in my review of the amazing King Kong Gym bag we CrossFitters carry around a lot of stuff. I may, in fact, carry around too much stuff! The backpack is a nice addiction to be able to take some stuff with me everywhere I go rather than lugging a big duffel bag everywhere. Although the backpack isn’t as large as the duffel bag, there is still plenty of room, and a ton of pockets, and compartments to carry all of the gear necessary for your training.

The biggest compartment fully opens up, so you can easily get to everything, and also organize without any trouble. There is also a padded compartment to carry a laptop, or tablet, so it’s a good commuter bag that can be taken from work, or school, to the gym. Each side has a long zippered compartment that can store protein shakers, and other odd-shaped items. I like to keep voodoo bands, lacrosse balls and other mobility tools in those as well. There is a small pocket located at the front top which is perfect for your wallet and keys, and just about anything else that you need to get to quickly. There is a compartment at the top back of the bag that has a slot for headphones that also feeds to the top of the straps. These are covered with velcro so water wont leak through if it is raining. Pretty cool! At first I wasn’t sure how you could fit shoes or clothes in the bag, but then I figured out that the whole middle area opens up and you can put a change of clothes and it shoes in there then since them up so they don’t fall out. Awesome!


The bag is made out of the same heavy-duty canvas as the duffel bag, and also has the “bomb-proof” zippers so you don’t have to worry about it coming apart while carrying all of your gear around. All of the inside compartments are mesh so you can easily find what you are looking for without having to dig around. The shoulder straps are plenty wide with lots of padding which is nice, since you will probably have a lot of stuff in here that will add some weight. The bag fits snugly so you wont have to worry about it falling off all of the time.
This bag is a perfect fit for anyone that commutes from the gym to work by public transportation or bicycle. While it’s not as big as the duffel bag, it certainly is more portable. If you are looking for a gym bag, but aren’t able to tote around a giant duffel bag, the King Kong Backpack is a great bag!

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