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Today we are starting our 90 day clean living challenge. We get a lot of people asking what that means. Is this like a paleo challenge? No. This is basically 90 days where you eat and live as cleanly as you can. Even more simply put, this means for 90 days you eat no refined sugar, or no processed foods. Lay off the fast food, chips, cookies, and soda, you know, all of the delicious food. Im kidding! That shit will skill you! Your basic food intake will consist of eating lean meats, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats. Oh ya, you also consume no alcohol. Ya, ya, but we started this the day after St Patty’s day for a reason. Of course your clean living also includes working out.

Gotta lay off this amazingness for a while :'(

Gotta lay off this amazingness for a while :'(

The point of the challenge is to show people how living a clean lifestyle can have a positive impact on their lives. If you can stick to this, you will feel better and have more energy. You will start to perform better in the gym, and even at work! You will start to see dramatic changes in your body, for the better. You will also learn self control over the foods that you struggle to not eat. I still haven’t had an Oreo since November of last year, thats big shit if you know how much I love Oreos!

No more of these either...

No more of these either…

To test this we are running a line of baseline tests that we will retest in 90 days. These include:

Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing – Not everyone has access to accurately measure body fat, but if can, I would highly suggest that you get it tested.

2 Minutes of Max Pull-ups – I would suggest doing strict, or with a band, but if you HAVE to kip, then thats ok.

2 Minutes of Max Pushups – Chest to the ground, full extension of the arms, none of those half up half down chump push-ups

2 Minutes of Max Back Squats @ 50% of your 1 RM

1 Mile Run for Time

A great way to see what kind of progress you are making a long the way is to take before pictures, and periodically take after pictures. C’mon, don’t act like you don’t take hella selfies anyway. Seriously though, when we see ourselves in the mirror all of the time, its hard to see the slight day to day changes that are happening, but compare yourself to a picture that is a month or even a few weeks old, you will be able to see some pretty major improvements in body composition.

Also find a good source of food information. There are a ton of good websites that have a bunch of healthy recipes. If you are into, or want to try paleo, a few good sites are Nom Nom Paleo or Paleo Plan. There’s also a ton of recipes that can be found on Pinterest. If you are having trouble finding resources, or need any help, shoot me an email, I’d be glad to point you in the right direction.

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