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33 BACK SQUATS (225,115)
15 burpees
33 DEADLIFTS (225,115)
15 burpees
33 KB SWINGS (70,53)
15 burpees

Recently CrossFit Together lost one of their coaches and local firefighter Mike Kennedy while he was fighting a fire in Boston. Mike seemed like a pretty awesome dude, and it was cool for his box to reach out to me to help get the word out there. Spread the word guys! Here is the Bio from their website:


Coach K is a local guy from Roslindale and is now living in Hyde Park only about a mile from the gym. Coach K has been a part of the CrossFit Together coaching team since day one. Coach K is a Boston Firefighter who currently works for one of the busiest fire companies in the city and knows first hand the importance of fitness as it relates to every day life. Coach K has been involved in sports and fitness from an early age having played competitive sports as a child, in high school and in the Marine Corps. Coach K joined the Marine Corps in 2001 and was on active duty for six years with a combat deployment to Iraq before coming home and joining the BFD in 2007. Always looking for ways to stay in shape, Coach K trained for and participated in 3 marathons before discovering CrossFit a few years ago through a friend. Coach K was looking for something new and exciting to try for a workout as he was getting bored with the traditional bodybuilding style workouts commonly seen in most gyms. Coach K is always striving to keep the workouts and programming different and challenging at CFT. Coach K holds a CrossFit Level 1 certification as well as CrossFit Strongman Trainer certification.

Honor him by doing his WOD


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