Don’t Rush the Process

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I have to admit that my recovery from my shoulder dislocation hasn’t gone exactly as fast as I had hoped. Around the time when I hurt myself I had finally reached a 200 Lb snatch that I had been working a long time to achieve, now 135 Lbs seems extremely heavy, and to me that’s irritating. I know it only happened a few months ago, but I’m also not the most patient person ever, so the recovery process has left me frustrated at times.
I think impatience also applies not just to me, or someone else who is injured, but also anyone in general who are trying to see improvements in any aspect of CrossFit. We all want instant results, which as awesome as that sounds, it’s just not reality. We see athletes like Froning, Khalippa, or Briggs destroying workouts that many people only wish they could even finish or even attempt! We wonder why we aren’t achieving those same results. I mean you’re at the gym everyday giving your best effort, right? How come I’m not snatching 225 Lbs yet you may ask yourself? Well, you have to remember that a lot of these guys were doing a lot of this stuff long before they started CrossFit. It’s not like they where sitting around binge eating Ben and Jerry’s, and Oreos one day surfing YouTube and saw a CrossFit video, and decided to give it a shot to get in shape and lose a few pounds (I may, or mat not be talking about myself there). No, these guys where high-caliber athletes long before they even started CrossFit . They had some, or more than likely, a lot of previous experience doing most of the stuff we do in some form, or another. Whether it had been from football, basketball, gymnastics, or a bunch of other sports, when they started CrossFit they where pretty familiar with most of what it’s all about. They probably had some experience with Olympic Lifting, and a ton of other high intensity explosive movements. They didn’t just walk into their local CrossFit gym get a quick intro then get a sub 3 minute Fran. I’m sure there’s no one that never heard of a snatch before and proceeded to nail 200lbs on their first attempt. And if there was, I hate that guy. Bottom line is, they have has a lot of experience.
Next time you compare yourself to someone else, and start to get frustrated at what seems to be amazing progress they are making, remember that they probably have a head start, and that doesn’t make them superior to you. It just means that they have had a little more practice. If you keep at it, you will start to see the rewards of all of your hard work. Be patient and keep at it!

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