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Snatch Shorts

What: Snatch Shorts
Where to Buy: Born Primitive
Price: $39.99

When I saw an email in my inbox that said “Introducing Snatch Shorts” I was instantly intrigued. I mean I love snatches, and I love shorts, so what was not to like. When I saw what Snatch Shorts actually were I knew that I had to give them a shot. Snatch Shorts are basically compression shorts with a pad that sits over the pubic bone. This is there to protect you from the bar smashing into your pubic bone during snatches (which if you’ve done that you know it doesn’t feel too awesome).The padding really did a great job of protecting the pubic bone. I actually tried many times to bounce the bar off my pubic bone pretty hard to see how much protection they gave, and surprisingly none of my attempts caused any pain, or discomfort. I know there are different schools of thought on whether or not you should bounce the bar off of your hips during the snatch, but if you do or you don’t, it’s always nice to have that protection there.

Snatch Shorts are also a solid pair of compression shorts on their own. They are super comfortable, and they don’t ride up the thighs like a lot of other compression shorts I have worn do. One may assume that these are for men only, but I think these would benefit the ladies as well.

As far as the look of Snatch Shorts, you wear them under your regular shorts, so if you think that you would be embarrassed by the padding, don’t be. I mean you could wear them on their own, but you’d kinda look like a WWE wrestler, especially if you wore them with black and red knee sleeves, not that I did that or anything. They actually look pretty cool to me with the branding on the waist band and a cool looking caveman dude on the bottom front.

So would I recommend them? Absolutely! They are about the same price as a regular pair of compression shorts, with the added benefit of protection when you are humpin that bar off of your hips!


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