4 Ways to Get Better at What You Suck At

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We all have those days when we wake up and see the WOD and we know we are going to crush it. Every move is one that we excel at. The amount of time or the amount of rounds is perfect. We cant wait to get to the gym and show the world that we are a bad ass CrossFitter that’s out to destroy everything in out path. But we also have those days when we see a WOD and we would rather just sleep in, we see something in the WOD that we suck at, so instead of embarrassing ourselves we just decide that we’ll take a rest day, I mean we still need to recover from kicking all that ass the day before right? Wouldnt it be nice though if you felt you could kick every WODS ass though? Like you could say, “I know I’m not the best at pistols, but I’m OK at them, I’ll just make it up during the run.” Well the only way you’re not going to suck at pistols, or any other movement, is if you practice.
It really doesn’t take much to improve on something we are weak in. A lot of the reason we suck at stuff is because we convince ourselves that we suck at stuff. Did you know there was a time when experts thought that running a sub 4 minute mile was impossible? They thought that the human body just wasnt capable of making that happen. The record of 4:01 stood for 9 years! Then Roger Bannister ran a 3:59 mile. Then a little while later some other dude did, and then another dude, and another. Now running a sub 4 minute mile happens all the time. What changed? Well, one guy refused to belive that it was impossible and he worked his ass off and he made it happen! Then other people said If that dude can do it, well so can I. And they did! If these guys all had convinced themselves it was impossible, then no one would have been able to run a sub 4 minute mile, and they would have proved the experts right.
So how do we convince ourselves that we don’t suck, and convince ourselves that we can do something?
1. You have to practice – This is simply a must. If you don’t practice what you suck at , you’re always going to suck at it. And don’t give some bullshit excuse that you don’t have time. If you only have the hour that you go to the gym, then talk to your coach about subbing in some movements that you struggle with some other ones. If the METCON is 21–15–9 Deadlifts and Pullups, and you need work on Hand Stand Push Ups, then replace those with whatever you’re better at. Find ways to work on your weaknesses.
2. You have to start small – Start from the beginning. If you aren’t good at Overhead Squats, then start light and work your way up. Get comfortable with the movement, even if you aren’t doing it fully or unassisted. Just work on it. Make sure you are doing it properly, and if you keep at it will start to get easier.
3. You have to attainable realistic goals – Set small goals so you can attain them. I couldn’t do pistols, so I started to practice them with the fattest bands we have at the gym. And I’d practice them everyday. Then I went to the next band down, and then the next, eventually my brain realized that I can do them, and now I can do them without the band. Are they pretty? Hell no! But hey I can do pistols, and to me that’s a win!
4. You have to belive you can do it – This is by far the most important step in this process. You have to belive that you are going to get better. The best athletes in the world aren’t the best because of talent alone, they are the best because they believe they are the best. They don’t have doubts, they just do. When you believe in yourself you, are confident. When you are confident, you are relaxed. When you relax, your body performs the way it was made to perform. Now get out there kick your weaknesses in the ass!

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