Let’s All Just Quit CrossFit!!

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Well apparently we should all just be quitting CrossFit because its going to kill us. It seems we are all a brainwashed group of morons that are continually flirting with disaster, and its only a matter of time before we crumple into a pile on the ground and have to be rushed to the emergency room. All of us have shitty form, and we are pushing ourselves way to hard. We need to tone it way back. Lets all stop before its too late. Save yourselves.
What we need to do is all grab some McDonald’s, get a 12 pack of Bud Light, get to the couch, and watch TV all night. We need to move as little as possible in order to avoid hurting ourselves. Move the fridge, better yet, ask someone else to move the fridge as close to the couch as possible, so you have less distance to travel to grab more food, further lessening your chance of injury. Got a buddy that wants to play basketball? Dont even think about it! You know how many people sprain their ankles and tear ACL’S’s doing that crap? Want to go for a run? Are you crazy? What happens if you get bone spurs, shin splints, tendonitis? Shit, run too far you may even get Rhabdo! Ok lets go for a bike ride. Hell No! You might get hit by a car! Sit your ass down and be safe!
Give me a break! As a society, we are more obese and lazier than ever. We eat like shit and we spend most of our time sitting still, either behind a desk or watching TV for hours a night. Its getting way to easy to avoid any type of activity. So now that there is something that A LOT people are excited about, and something that is growing at an amazing pace, people want to shut it down as dangerous and unhealthy. You don’t have to look far to find articles that try to discredit CrossFit. In fact there’s one going around right now that’s getting shared like crazy that is the reason I’m even writing this post.
I have about 140 members at my gym. Some athletes, some not. The most common reason most of them even came in the first place is because they needed a way to get motivated to get off of their ass and to get in better shape. And you know what, that’s awesome! If someone wants to get more healthy, I’m all for it, whether it be join a gym, run more, swim more, play basketball, or do CrossFit. So why do all of these people keep writing all of these articles telling us how we are destroying ourselves doing CrossFit, instead of being happy that more people are trying to better themselves?

Well if you look at the people who are writing these articles, I would say these are people who CrossFit is affecting their bottom line. If you make your money by providing a service to help people get in better shape, whether it be owning a gym, bootcamps, or personal training, CrossFit has got to be a pretty scary thing for you. People are kicking your asses to the curb and joining communities of other CrossFitters that are helping them get into, and stay in the best shapes of their lives. So instead of being happy for them, you write articles about how dangerous it is. How they are getting shitty coaching, and have terrible form, and CrossFit is just a fad, blah blah blah. I mean I get it, you’re losing money, and that sucks, but instead of trying to discredit it, join it! Help make it better, help fix what is broken. CrossFit isn’t perfect, but nothing is, there is always room for growth.
Oh, another group of people you see trashing CrossFit are the Meatheads. Apparently they think us CrossFitters are a puny bunch of folks that are sacrificing “Gains” by doing high intensity exercise. Look Bro, almost everyone wants to look fit, only a small few want to look like a muscle bound idiot that can’t even swing their arms freely. I hate to break it to you, but when you look that way, people automatically assume you’re unintelligent and you have a small penis. But hey, if that’s your goal, then more power to you! For me personally, I’m way to ADD to do 10 different type of bicep exercises in one session, and I don’t want to look that “Swole” anyway.
So to all of the people who think we are going to kill ourselves doing CrossFit, don’t worry about us. We are grown ups, and just like you, we found a way to get active and to better ourselves. Can we get hurt, yep! Are we going to die? Nope. If we are smart, and we don’t let our egos get the best of ourselves, we are going to be just fine.

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