5 Funny Things About CrossFit

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5 Funny things about CrossFit

1. Being big/tall sucks Being tall has never been an unfavorable trait in sports until I started CrossFit. Seriously. I’m 6’2“, 225. In the world of basketball, football, hockey, etc. I am a runt. In the world of CrossFit, I am Andre the Giant. Now I understand the world of frustration that vertically challenged people have been dealing with their whole life. From Squatting, to Cleaning, to Deadlifting, us taller guys get the short end of the stick! See what I did there… Anyway, It sucks being tall. When I was in the Air Force I was 6’3. I recently remeasured myself and found out I was an inch and a half shorter…and I was excited about it! Maybe there should be a Clydesdale division in CrossFit, like they have for the Frankensteins that do Triathlons? Taller bumper plates maybe?? I like this. It’s really not fair being tall.

Me watching shorter people do Fran...

Me watching shorter people do Fran…

2. It exposes you Every so often I get some badass that walks through the door that pretty much thinks they know everything. This is the kind of guy that played college sports, or was a top secret military operative (Usually on Call of Duty), a Fitness Champion at the local 24 hour fitness, or they are still living the glory days when they dominated 8th grade wrestling. They always come in cocky, and laugh at the suggestion of a scaled back workout, in order to get the hang of things. I never argue. You can always tell by the end of the warmup how long someone will last, and even if they may puke. I always point them to the planter boxes around back. But even for us that have been doing it for a while, there is always something that we suck at, and when we have to do it, everyone knows. But that’s also whats awesome about CrossFit, it forces you to get better at those things, and that just makes you better at life.

3. People spend serious money on T-Shirts! I mean $30 on a TShirt is ludicrous. I don’t care what you say. Ya Ya, I know they are all $25, but after tax and shipping, its over $30. But hey, if wearing that shirt is gonna help you get a 5lb PR, then go for it! Plus why would you spend $30 when you can get a sweet TSHirt, for a way better deal, that will make you WAY stronger Here?!? ;) <<–Click that link, you know you wanna!



4. People like to complain One thing that I have learned from owning a gym is that people really like to complain…a lot. From the workout, to the music, to how hot it is, to how cold it is. ”Running? Shit!.“ ”Burpees? C’mon!!“ ”Thrusters? Thrusters suck!” And thats just me, and I program! You should hear my members! I’m totally kidding, my members never complain…It seems that we really hate every aspect of CrossFit, yet we keep coming back. I would say at some point during 99% of every workout I am doing there is a time when I ask myself why the hell am I doing this. Then I contemplate quitting. Then I get mad at myself for contemplating quitting. Then I push harder to punish myself for contemplating quitting. Thats kind of how we all are, which leads me too…

5. We’re all gluttons As much as we gripe and groan and hate all of the things that we have to do when we do CrossFit, we all keep coming back. I used to think that if I saw someone throw up the first day, they would never return, only do be shocked to see them show up the next day. I guess there is something to pushing yourself to a place where you don’t really want to go, and hanging out there for a while until you finish, that after it’s all done you feel pretty damn good about yourself. And you do it with a bunch of other sick people who you form an awesome bond with. So ya, we are gluttons for punishment, but its cool to say that we will do what the majority of people wont!

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