It’s over 100 degrees and I’m wearing tights!

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It’s over 100 degrees and I’m wearing tights! Well compression pants anyway. Hey I’m sore! Anyway…I love that even in this heat, and even though we’ve ramped up the WODs, the members are still coming! They bitch and they moan, but they keep coming. And when it’s done the smile and say thank you for kicking their ass, and they’ll be here again tomorrow. How cool is that?

There was a concert in the park sorta thing last night, and despite the heat, a bunch of the members showed up and we gathered as a family to listen to some music and drink some beer. I couldn’t help but think to myself, how cool is it that I have so many people in my life that I can call a friend because we started this gym. You ever see the guy that owns the local 24 hour fitness? I’m sure you don’t know his name, and he sure as hell doesn’t know yours! But I’m lucky enough to be able to know every one of my members by name and sit around and bullshit with each of them, cause we all have something we can relate too. We can hang out for hours and talk about workouts and how much they sucked, how fun our In-House comps are, or farting. Yes we discuss farting a lot at the gym. But it never gets old. I never get tired of talking about it, and hearing their enthusiasm about it, and sharing mine. CrossFit, not farts. We have a special thing with CrossFit, and no matter what anyone says, they can’t deny how it brings us together and makes us better.



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