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We sadly lost one of our Gym family last weekend. Tim Harper passed away at the young age of 32. The memorial was held yesterday, and I felt like I should have said something, but although nobody does well at funerals, I especially tend to shut down. So I figured I would at least write something about him, and If his parents read this, please forgive me for my potty mouth, but Tim liked my posts, and I’m sure he’d appreciate it if I wrote about him the way that I normally write.
I met Tim about a year ago at the gym. When he came in he was very enthusiastic, and I could tell right away that he was extremely stubborn. He had been in a bad car accident some time prior and I believe he broke his back. I remember being nervous having him there, and I always wanted to find ways to scale the workouts, but he insisted on doing everything that everyone else was doing, maybe modified slightly. Eventually he got to the point where he could pretty much do it all.
The more Tim came the more he loved CrossFit. After a while he started coming in for two a days. He would work out with the 5 am class and do that days WOD, then would come back after work in the evenings and ask for a second workout. He would ask, “Whad’ya got for me?” So I’d write him out something, and he’d never complain about them, no matter how hard they were. Actually, they never seemed hard enough! I’d make up these crazy hard cardio workouts, that there would be no way in hell that I would ever do, and he would look at them and smile and say, “That doesn’t look so bad!” and I would say, “Actually dude, that looks really, really shitty!” He would do them and say how fun they were, and I would just tell him he was fuckin crazy.
One day we partnered on one of our Saturday WODS, and I remember it had a bunch of running in it. We would have to complete a bunch of reps, then run together as a team. Well, Tim was super fast, and I’m not so fast, so I told him to run on without me, and by the time I got back in, he would be close to finishing his reps, and then I could start. He was so much faster than me though, that he would already be done with his reps by the time that I got back in from my run, I literally would have no break. It got so bad that instead of giving him a high five as he ran past me in the opposite direction, I would just flip him off, and be cussing him out. He thought that was hilarious, but he would always encourage me to keep pushing when I finally got back to the bar.
Tim was the kind of guy that every CrossFit coach loves to have at the gym. Super friendly,with a great sense of humor. Always pushing, always encouraging, always trying to get better everyday, and trying to help those around him get better too.
RIP Tim, you will be missed for sure.

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