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I’ve been buying up a lot of Hylete gear lately, and for good reason. This stuff is awesome! One the quality is fantastic. They come with a two year guarantee. I work out a lot, and other brands start to show wear and tear after even a few washes. I’ve been sporting Hylete gear for a few months now and they are still good as new. Two, they are super comfortable. All of the material is super soft, but not too thick. They breathe fantastic and don’t get too hot. I’m pretty much wearing some kind of Hylete gear at all times. It’s a real chore for me to put any other type of clothing on. Now I finally understand those people that always wear stretchy pants. They just feel amazing. Did I mention you can save 50% off your first order by going HERE!

Cross Training Shorts 2.0

The shorts come in two primary colors, black and gun metal, with quite a few different accent colors. They also come in two different cuts, above knee and below. I went with the above knee cut just for the fact that I don’t like my shorts catching on my knees when I squat, and I also like to show off my amazing legs. But really mostly for the first part. They have a pocket on each side that seems small but I am able to fit my iPhone Plus in there and still zip them up. They also bypass the annoying Velcro of board style shorts with a drawstring that can either be tied from the from or the inside. The only downside is that they only come in two different colors, but that’s a small issue. Also if your unsure about size, go a size bigger.


Cross Training Pants 1.0

I also have a pair of the pants which are great for lounging around in, and also coaching. They are made out of the same soft material at the shorts so they are stretchy enough to do all the movements in that I need to demo to my members.


Outer Wear

The hoodies are also great. I prefer the zip ups to the pullovers but that is all a matter of preference. They are a nice and light fleece so you an work out with them without feeling like you are going to suffocate. One pocket has an eyelet in it so you can feed headphones through them so you can keep them out of the way. Again I would size up on these as they are an athletic fit.


Convertible Bag

What can I say about the Convertible Bag 2.0? That it’s totally worth it. Just like the rest of the gear, it is amazing quality. It is a bit larger than a typical back pack, but that’s because us CrossFitters tend to have a ridiculous a mount of gear to lug around. There’s enough room to pretty much carry around everything you would need from school or work to the gym. There’s plenty of pockets for all of the little odds and ends. One of the larger side pockets is also insulated to keep things like protein shakes from getting warm. The inside is padded in order to keep a laptop or tablet safe in there if you carry one around. If you find you need more space, you can always pull the bottom out and convert it into a duffle bag. I was able to pretty much everything I have in their when it’s duffle bag mode, including lifters and an extra pair of Nanos. Check out this video for more information on all of the features as there are just too many to list!



Converts to a Duffle Bag!


Plenty of room and pockets


Included shoe bag


Insulated pocket



If your in the market for some new gear, I would definitely give Hylete a strong look! You really can’t go wrong!

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