5 Awesome Apps to Track Your Fitness

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I’m kind of a technology geek. In fact, I wouldn’t be lying if I said that I waited in line overnight to get the iPhone 6 plus because I didn’t want to wait the two whole weeks it would take for my pre-order one to arrive. I know, that’s pretty sad, but hey I love my new iPhone! Anyway, another thing that I love is apps! Theres a bunch of apps out there that can help us track out fitness and I wanted to go over a few here.

1. Beyond the White Board

Beyond the White Board (BTWB) is site that you plan, log, and analyze your workouts. You can log results, PRs, meals and take body measurements. One of the coolest parts of BTWB is that you can compare yourself to the thousands of other members that are signed up. This is also a negative as there are people who clearly either entered the wrong time or they are huge liars. Seriously, some of the scores posted on there makes you wonder how these people aren’t winning the games. These are the guys that drive you crazy because they don’t do all of the reps, and the reps they do suck! It’s still nice to be able to see where you compare, and keep track of your progress.

2. Day one

This is a journal app, not a fitness app, that I use to write out my workouts for the day. Although BTWB app has this functionality, it is really kind of a pain in the ass to enter your workouts in it. Day one is simple, and it works. Its keeps everything sorted by date, and it is easy to search for old workouts to see what you’ve done in the past. It’s also nice to write down my feelings once in a while. I’m kidding about that last part. But if you have feelings, and would like to write them dow, you can use Day One for that as well.

3. Run Keeper

I hate running. I REALLY hate running. But when I do run, I use Run Keeper to keep track of my insanely long mile runs. That’s ONE mile. When I am running that mile, its nice to know the pace that I am keeping, and if I am going to beat my old PR. It also keeps track of the route that you ran, so If you do enjoy running, and you are sick if you do, you can re-do that route again and compare your time from the last time. Theres also a coach on there that gives you stats as you run, which I turn down because my stats are pretty depressing, and Im pretty sure I can hear the voice laughing as it’s telling me how slow I am. Stupid running.

4. My Fitness Pal

If you are into tracking your meals you really can’t beat My Fitness Pal. It has a huge database of foods that you can pick from to see just how good, or bad, what you are putting in your body is for you. Holy Crap it’s depressing to see how many grams of sugar I was eating when polishing off a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. If you have you have figured out your macros, it is a great way to take out all of the guesswork when trying to meal plan. You can log workout info into MFP but in all honesty its best to use to keep track of food.

5. Workout Hero

This is another fitness tracker, but tailored mostly toward CrossFit. The best part of this app is the random WOD generator, which in a pinch, if your away from your gym is a pretty handy tool. There is also timers built for count up, down, EMOM, Tabata, and Fight Gone Bad. The app looks old, and clunky, but it serves its purpose.

Now if the only would create an app that track all of this stuff together, and does it without me having to do any of it myself, that would be fantastic! What apps do you use?

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