Do We Really Need Probiotics??

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I was recently sent a bottle of Black Living Powder which contains Fulvic and Humic Minerals as well as Soil Based Organism Probiotics. Of course I have heard of probiotics before, but I never really understood what they do, and why we need them. This got me curious and I decided to start doing a little research on the topic. Theres is a ton of sciencey information on probiotics, and to me thats really boring, so I decided to dumb this down as much as I can so people like me can understand what the heck these things are and if we need them or not.

Look at those friendly faces, and my amazing Photoshop Skills!!

Look at those friendly faces, and my amazing Photoshop Skills!!

So What Are They?

Probiotics are actually living microscopic organisms, or microorganisms, that live in your gut. Your gut has trillions of these things in there! That’s a lot! Go ahead, try and count to a trillion, I’ll wait. Just kidding, that would take forever. Anyway, Probiotics are referred to as the “friendly bacteria.” So hey, if you thought you were short on friends, think again! Probiotic actually can be translated to “Pro Life!” See friendly little suckers aren’t they? They are a natural part of a healthy digestive tract. Unfortunately we are a culture of over prescribed antibiotics which causes two problems. One, Bacteria are pretty smart, and they evolve in order to survive, so that is making the antibiotics we do use less and less useful. Two, they kill those awesome probiotics that we need in order to stay healthy.

So How Do They Help?

Like many things out there it seems Probiotics are more speculation about how they benefit you than fact. But, Im always hopeful that things do what researchers say they do. So with that being said here is a brief list of how Probiotics may benefit you.

* Boosting your immune by challenging it in a healthy way. We are a sanitarily obsessed generation (Hand sanitizer anyone?) So our defenses are off guard.

* They can help prevent infections

* Kill harmful bacteria

* Assist with food metabolism

* Increased mood function

* Increased absorption of essential minerals

* Increased mood function

Thats a pretty awesome list of stuff! Of course like I said, a lot of this is speculation, but Im an optimist, and would like to believe these are benefitting me in the way that they say they are.
So How Do I Get Them?

There are two ways you can get Probiotics. Food, and supplements. Im a firm believer that real food is the best way to get any of the nutrients that we need. So here is a quick list of foods that have probiotics.

* Yogurt (No not he trix yogurt you feed your kids that has all the sugar, more like greek yogurt, preferably plain with no sugar!)

* Kombucha Tea (I love this stuff, In fact, I make my own!)

* Kefir

* Milk

* Dark Chocolate (The good kind, no Hershey’s here)

* Sauerkraut (Who knew eating Hot Dogs was healthy! JK they arent :( )

* Kimchi

* Olives

Now of course there are those that feel like by the time we get foods they are depleted of most of the essential goodies that they are picked with, so there are ways to get probiotics through supplementation. Check out this video by the guys that make Black Living Powder, pretty interesting stuff!!

So do we need probiotics? Research is leaning more and more towards yes. Of course it will take some time to weed out what exactly the true benefits are versus what is speculation. But evidence is pretty strong that they will promote gut health and boosting of the immune system. Will it help you get that six pack? Probably not, but you will be healthier, and thats reason enough for me!

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