Should You Take a Pre-Workout?

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One question I get asked a lot at the gym is if I take a take a pre-workout, and what one I take. In the last few years there has been a ton of pre-workouts flooding the market. Each one will have claims of many superhuman feats if you take their specific brand. Believe it or not, most of this is hype. I do find that a good pre-workout is like a good kick in the ass, and gives you some extra motivation to push harder. Within 15–20 minutes of taking a pre-workout you usually feel like you can lift anything in the gym, while simultaneously running a sub 5 minute mile. Please don’t try that. I take AUX by About Time. I prefer it because it is all natural, without a lot of the other chemicals that are in some of the other pre-workouts I have taken. It’s not the strongest, but I feel like it gives me the right amount of energy without making my head feel like it’s going to pop off of my shoulders. I can also take it everyday without worrying about becoming dependent on it as well which I’ll discuss later, like down there somewhere.

What is in Pre-Workout
Just like any supplements, different companies put different ingredients in theirs. While not and exact list of what you may find in all, most will have all if not most of the following :

Caffeine-A stimulant that increases alertness and energy. Helps combat fatigue also.
Beta Alanine -An Amino Acid that is used to increase athletic performance and work capacity.
Arginine-Converted in the body as Nitric Oxide, which can help blood flow and oxygen to the muscle.
Creatine-Pulls more water into the muscle to help provide more energy. Can result in strength gains.
Taurine- Another Amino Acid that helps increase muscle endurance and strength.

Pre-workout supplements are a great for giving you that extra boost you need to push you through your workouts. Many Pre-Workouts contain a significant dose of caffeine and/or taurine, stimulants that give you an extra burst of energy. They are especially helpful on the days where you don’t feel as motivated as you normally would. Take some pre workout and you have almost no choice but to work out. Either that or you will have a major case of road rage. Bottom line, more energy at the gym equals a better workout. You can’t go wrong there.


Some Things to Consider
While taking a pre-workout can have awesome benefits, there are some things to think about. One, if you have a low tolerance for caffeine or other stimulants you might want to think twice. You may have a great workout, but you will still be thinking about that workout at 3 in the morning wide awake. Two, they can become psychologically addicting. You feel awesome when you take them, but when your out, you definitely know it, so you better keep stocked up. Also, some other brands suggest you cycle them because you become tolerant to whats in them. With AUX, I don’t feel like I have this problem, maybe it’s because of the minimal ingredient list.
So should you take a pre-workout? I would say it depends. If you can handle the caffeine, then I think it’s a great way to add a boost to your workout. Is it going to make you Superman? I doubt it, but you will feel a difference, and in the world of getting fit, every advantage counts.

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