3 Steps to Getting Unstuck

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How many times have you gotten stuck at some plateau? Maybe it’s trying for a new back squat PR, or a PR on Fran. Maybe you are stuck on a problem at work. Whatever it is, being stuck sucks. It makes it hard to stay motivated to keep trying. Instead of giving up, maybe try a different approach. Here’s 3 things you can do to help you get past a sticking point.

Stop Getting Frustrated

We all know how frustrating it feels to be stuck. When we get frustrated we get angry, and when we get angry we get tense. When we are tense we don’t perform our best, whether that’s at the gym or at work. When we are mad at ourselves we start to talk negative to ourselves. Negative self talk can start to break down our confidence. We are at our best when we are the most confident, and at our worst when we are the least confident. Do your best not to get frustrated if you don’t get that PR. Give it a few goes, if you miss it, shrug it off. Know that your hard work will pay off soon enough and you will get it next time.

Take a Step Back

If you feel like you aren’t getting past that sticking point, maybe it’s a good time to take a step back and assess why. Maybe your technique needs a little fine tuning. Maybe you need to go back to the basics. Get an outside perspective. Send me a video and maybe I can help. Whatever it is, sometimes making little changes can make big results. Maybe you see that you are really doing everything you’re supposed to, and that will give you the confidence to break past the barrier. Break down whatever you are trying to accomplish and see where you can make improvements. Lots of little steps can go a long way.


This is probably the most important part. All great athlete visualizes success, whether they realize it or not. Every professional athlete grew up seeing themselves making it big, whether it’s hitting a home run in the bottom of the 9th, or nailing the game winning 3. They played these images over and over in their head so much they started to believe it was going to happen. They programmed their brains for success. Research has shown that the same brain patterns were activated in Olympic Lifters when they visualized lifting as when they where actually performing the lift. People that are successful, know they are going to be successful. It’s never an accident. How many times have you seen someone interviewed after they have just won something and they said that it happened just like they imagined it would. Visualizing trains your brain what needs to be done, and your body reacts accordingly. Visualizing can make you more motivated and help you increase your confidence. See yourself being successful, believe you can do it and you will!Remember confidence is key. You only go as far as you believe you can.

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