The Open So Far…15.1 & 15.1A

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I wanted to do a quick review of the my Open experience thus far(thus is just fancy for so). And after 15.4 all I can say is…GYMNASTICS! Me and gymnastics are not friends. In the world of CrossFit I’m like Andre the Giant. When I go to comps people look at me like I’m the second grade kid who already had that growing spurt, so he looks like a 15 year old in a class full of 8 year olds, and everyone’s like “who’s this freak kid playing with our kids?”. CrossFit is the only sport that it’s a negative to be big. I’m really not even that big, but 6’2”, 235 pounds is a lot of body to do bodyweight movements. At comps they always assume I’m going to do well on the lifts(which is true) but never assume I will do well on the gymnastics(which is more true). Pair being big with a bum shoulder and you suck at gymnastics.

Anyway, enough about my CrossFit gigantism, and other woes, this is about what I honestly think about the Open this year. I’ll detail how I suffered through each one.

15.1 & 15.1a

9 Minute AMRAP

15 Toes2Bar

10 Deadlifts 115/75

5 Snatches 115/75


6 Minutes to find a one rep max of a Clean and Jerk.

Rx: As soon as I heard the word Toes I died on the inside. But the addition of a one rep max was cool! Deadlifts at 115 are easy enough, and I used to be able to snatch 200lbs before I dislocated my shoulder so 115 snatch wasn’t too much trouble.  I’m HORRIBLE at T2B, so that was the killer for me.  I just figured I’d do my best to break them up in 3 sets of 5, get through the deadlifts and snatches quickly and get back on the bar. Uhhh ya, I barely got through the third set of 5 on round one. Rounds 2 I think I got through 3 before I dropped of the bar. Then I’d hop up and eek out a couple more until I’d painstakingly get through the 15 reps. Basically this continued for the rest of the 9 minutes.  Not pretty. Id hate to have to judge me. Once time was up I couldn’t tell you how excited I was to be done. No really, I couldn’t tell you because I wanted to die.  But I wasn’t finished yet. I still had to get my one rep max Clean and Jerk. I quickly threw 205 on the bar, and quickly attempted to clean it, annnnnnd failed. Uh oh. Ok lemme try that again. Got it.  Next 225, not too bad. Attempt 3, 245. Now my previous BI(Before Injury) was 275, and I hadn’t attempted to put his much weight overhead since I hurt myself so I was a little nervous. Anyhow, the clean was easy enough, the jerk? I got it! Not bad! My judge tells me I have 2 minutes left, take my time! I decide to take a breather, and next go for 255. As I’m loading up the weight I realize I only had ONE minute, not two, and now only 15 seconds? So I hurriedly throw on the weight, get up to the bar, land the clean…. and then time runs out. No attempt at the jerk. But you know what, that’s cool. I was nervous to try anyway.  My judge felt horrible for telling me the wrong time, but I didn’t really sweat it. There was no guarantee I would have got it, and he might have saved me from my ego:) So in the end:

15.1: 126 Reps

15.1A 245Lbs

Not the bang I wanted to start out with, but considering, I’ll take it!

That’s enough for now, Next post I will review 15.2

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