15.5…Holy $h@*!!!

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I said I was going to go over all of the 2015 open workouts, but I lied. They are to far back, and honestly, I’m sure it’s too late to remember how horrible…I mean amazing they where. But 15.5 happened…and WTF just happened to me?? When they announced 15.5 I was actually a little excited.  I’ve done a Sub 3 Fran with Thrusters unbroken, and I’m pretty good at rowing so I figured I would do pretty well at this.

I schedule the Open workout to be the gym workout every Friday, then we do heats in the afternoon for the people who are actually signed up for the Open. So basically I got the pleasure to watch people suffer through 15.5 all morning long. And boy did they.  One of my members did it in 7:43, and he only dropped the bar once time. That was amazing. Another member got 7:53 and he dropped the bar 6 times, but he was a collegiate rower that’s 6’3”. So doing the workout in my head I figured I was better at rowing than the first guy, and better at thrusters than the second guy, so basically I would be setting a world record on 15.5. Ya….

So when the afternoon came, a group of people were there to cheer people on, as well as complete this joyous occasion themselves. I judged one of my coaches, and he did a pretty impressive sub 10! So now it was my turn.

I took a few more minutes to re-warm up.  And then it was go time.  Starting out I wanted to keep the rower above a 1300 calorie per hour pace. I rowed the first 27 calories over a 1500 calorie pace.  Mistake 1. Off the rower, wow that first thruster felt awful heavy. Ok, number two felt better, 3 was easy, same with 4, 5, 6 all the way up till about number 17. Mistake 2 was trying to do all 27 unbroken. At thruster 17 my kidneys started to shoot pains up my back, into my neck, and all of the sudden my mouth felt like someone poured hot sand in it. And it was downhill from there. I went from one minute thinking I’m going to crush this, to holy shit, I wish everyone would leave right now so I could quit. I literally did not want to do it anymore and I only did because the people there wouldn’t let me quit.

Finally after a grueling 11 minutes and 55 seconds I crumpled to the floor and laid there for what seem like an eternity, at least until I could muster up enough energy to walk over to the fan and crumple to the floor in front of it.


I can’t lie, I’m pretty disappointed in my result. That’s what I get for a shitty strategy going in.  I definitely should have broken up the reps, and also started slower on the rower.  How these guys are getting under 6 minutes to me is mind-blowing.  That’s pretty damn incredible. 15.5 won. It kicked my ass.  I might try again later, but if I’m being honest with myself, I really don’t want to. And if I did it again and dint beat my score, that would really suck.  I’m already talking myself out of it.

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