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When I got the Puma Pulse XT in the mail I knew exactly when I was going to test them out. During Murph. For those of you who don’t know what Murph is, it’s a super easy workout consisting of a 1 mile Run, then broken up however you’d like: 100 Pull-ups, 200 Pushups, 300 Air Squats, then another 1 Mile Run. Cake. Then to make it even more awesome, do all that while wearing a 20lb weight vest. Murph is a workout we do every year at the gym on Memorial Day, and for good reason. It gives us a chance to put ourselves in the shoes of those who gave their all for us to have the freedom we have today.

Every year when I do Murph, my feet end up killing me for a week or more. I usually do it in Nanos, which destroy my feet, but the thought of doing all those squats in running shoes doesn’t bode well for me. The Pulse XTs have just the right amount of cushion in the sole for the run, and are extremely light weight for the rest of the workout. The best part about them was that I didn’t even notice I was wearing them during the 59 minutes it took me to complete the workout. That is a huge advantage, as my feet are usually killing me 15 minutes in.While the rest of my body feels like a wreck today, my feet actually feel pretty good!


So if Im being honest, I was a little skeptical about wearing them for a CrossFit workout, but they actually ended up feeling pretty awesome! If you are in the market for a lightweight cross training shoe, I would definitely check these out! They are light, comfortable, and they look good too!


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of PUMA.

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