With this Blog I have been fortunate enough to be able to try out a ton of products and review them.  Some have been awesome, some have been OK, and some Ive used once and never used again.  This is a list of stuff that I use on the daily and stuff that I absolutely stand behind. If you have any questions about any of it Id be glad to answer!


About Time Products

About Time1

About Time
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Not all proteins are created equal.  If you look at the labels of most major brands you will see a list of ingredients that looks like a science experiment with names of things that I can’t even pronounce.  About Time has about 4 ingredients.  I haven’t found a better tasting protein yet, and Ive tried a ton. My favorite is Chocolate Peanut Butter!


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When it comes to supplements that claim to improve performance I am always a skeptic.  So when I tried Blonyx I wasn’t really expecting to make any huge gains. I was wrong. My Back Squat increased 40Lbs in one month, and I PR’d in multiple METCONS. I couldn’t recommend Blonyx enough!!

King Kong Bag

King Kong Affiliate program banner 300 x 250

Every CrossFitter needs a good bag and these are the best! It has tons of pockets and storage space for all of my gear. I can fit two pairs of shoes, and lifters, weight belt, bands, extra clothes, 2 shaker bottles also fit on the outside. There’s 3 pockets on the front and the end compartment has space to put all the other stuff that I use. This thing is awesome!

VooDoo Floss Bands

VooDoo Floss Bands
The Voodoo Floss Band is an essential performance tool and should be a staple in the gym bag of every athlete looking to improve range, restore joint mechanics, or unglue matted down or previously injured tissue.  Compression tack and flossing (Voodoo Flossing) works on many levels; including re-perfusing tissues that have become stiff or gone cold after injury, and by compressing swelling out of tissues and joints.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 5.58.41 PM

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